Which of the Following Are Trends in Electronic Music?

Similarly, Which of the following composers is associated with Elektronische Musik?

In Cologne, composer Herbert Eimert and scientist Werner Meyer-Eppler pioneered elektronische Musik, which was based primarily on electrically produced (synthetic) sounds, mainly sine waves, in 1949–51.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following is an example of rock musical?

Next to Normal, Spring Awakening, Rent, Grease, and Hair are all instances of rock musicals.

Secondly, Which type of music left decisions determine overall shape to the performer or chance?

aleatory music, commonly known as chance music (aleatory from Latin alea, “dice”), is 20th-century music in which the performer is allowed to actualize random or uncertain components.

Also, Where did Elektronische Musik develop?

In 1953, Germany was the first country to generate music purely using electronic generators. Beginning in the 1950s, electronic music was produced in Japan and the United States, and algorithmic composition using computers was first shown in the same decade.

People also ask, What genre is electronic music?

Hip-hop Disco Synth-pop Hip hop from Bangladesh

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What are the characteristics of electronic music?

A keyboard is frequently used to operate it. It makes sound using an oscillator, which is an electrical device. Oscillators vibrate at a consistent pace, producing a musical note with a fixed pitch. This technology enables musicians to make sounds that were not feasible on conventional instruments when it was first introduced.

What is processed music?

Music that emerges from a process is known as process music. It may make the process audible to the listener or it may keep the process hidden.

There are fragmentations and breaks in the pattern. pluralism and eclecticism are included. displays a variety of temporalities and meanings. Listeners, rather than scores, performances, or composers, are where meaning and even structure are found.

Which of the following excerpts was used in the text as an illustration of program music?

Which of the following passages was offered as an example of program music in the text? Excerpt B was used to show program music in the text. Listen to how the music conveys a tale with a fast pace, intriguing instruments, and an elf-like skipping beat at the start.

What answer below best fits with the musical style of impressionism quizlet?

Which of the following answers best describes the musical style of impressionism? The emphasis is on ambiance and mood, with little pomp or ostentation, and melodies that flow in and out gently.

When was electronic music popularized?

Electronic music started to have a big effect on popular music in the 1970s. Krautrock, disco, new wave, and synthpop were popular. Polyphonic synthesizers, electronic drums, and drum machines were used. Electronic music grew increasingly prevalent in mainstream music throughout the 1980s.

What is the example of electronic music?

House music, techno, drum and bass, dubstep, and trance are among the most well-known examples of electronic dance music (EDM), which comprises forms ranging from beatless ambient music to 200-beats-per-minute hardcore.

What are examples of electronic music devices?

Electronic musical instruments’ top ten The Xth Sense (also known as “The Xth Sense“) is a The Xth Sense is a wearable instrument that creates music and sound effects by using muscle noises from the human body. AlphaSphere: Eigenharp:\sKaosscilator:\sPercussa The Reactable: Continuum AudioCubes Fingerboard:\sTheremin:

What defines electronic music?

Any music that requires electronic processing, such as recording and editing on tape, and that is reproduced through loudspeakers is considered electronic music. This is an electronic organ.

How many styles of electronic music are there?

Genres of Electronic Music Music with a lot of bass. Disco. Drum and bass is a genre of music. Dubstep. EDM. Jungle. Hardcore. House.

What are the 4 main genres of EDM?

EDM has four subgenres. House. House music was a primarily instrumental style that originated in Chicago’s club music scene and included a repeating disco beat with percussion created on a drum machine and different percussive instruments for a Latin or soul vibe. Techno. Trance. Dubstep

What are the three stages of development of electronic music?

Musique Concrete is a kind of music created by combining recorded sounds, which was initially developed in the 1940s by experimental composers. Synthesizers are electronic musical instruments controlled by keyboards that generate and combine signals of various frequencies to produce a broad range of sounds.

What is the importance of electronic music?

To return to the original issue concerning electronic music’s musical relevance, let me state that the primary objective of electronic music is and has always been to explore “new” and unique sounds, to uncover the musical characteristics of “non-musical” sounds, and eventually to discover new.

What are the 4 types of musical?

In ethnomusicology, four primary kinds of musical forms are distinguished: iterative, with the same phrase repeated again and over; reverting, with the repetition of a phrase after a contrasting one; and reversing, with the restatement of a phrase after a contrasting one. Progressive, in which a bigger melodic entity is repeated over and over to various strophes (stanzas) of a poetry text; and strophic, in which a larger melodic entity is repeated over and over to different strophes (stanzas) of a poetic text.

What are modern musicals?

From oldest to newest, the best modern musicals Change, Caroline, or Caroline (2003) The Piazza’s Lighting (2003) Q Avenue (2003) The Putnam County Spelling Bee is in its 25th year (2004) Spamalot by Monty Python (2004) ‘The White Woman’ (2004) [the show’s title] (2004) On the Rooftops (2005).

What is a contemporary musical Theatre song?

Rock and pop elements are common in contemporary musical theater. Stay with programs from the 1990s and after. M-J LaChiusa, Bill Finn, Jason Robert Brown, and Lucy Simon are among examples. Musical theater from the 1960s through the 1990s has a wealth of interesting music that demonstrates breadth and diversity.

Are musicals pop music?

Musicals are not for everyone. Musicals have been adopting or completely altering their style to be a more current, pop music sort of singing, particularly lately. In truth, not many of today’s most successful Broadway productions are performed in a very traditional manner.

What are the 6 main processes of music production?

Making Music: A Guide to the Six Stages of Music Creation Songwriting.Arranging.Tracking.Editing. Mixing. Mastering

What are the 5 stages of music production?

The five steps of the music production process are listed below. Composition. The process of developing musical ideas is known as the composition stage. Arrangement. Music arrangement is the process of setting down your musical ideas on a timeline to create a finished piece of music. Production and sound design. Mixing. Mastering

Is electronic music postmodern?

EDM is unique in that it is strategically located at a subtle but revolutionary period in human social evolution: the shift to a globalizing postmodern society.

Which of the following are the basic elements of form?

Repetition, variety, and contrast are the three essential aspects of form.

When applied to music the term dynamics refers to changes in?

The loudness of a sound or note is referred to as dynamics. The phrase also refers to the written or printed musical notation that is used to represent dynamics. The terms “dynamics” and “volume levels” are used interchangeably.

Which of the following expressions is often used in reference to timbre quizlet?

Which of the following phrases is often used to describe timbre? The timbre of a voice or instrument is determined by the form of the sound waves it produces.

Which of the following is are characteristics of Impressionist music?

Finally, the most crucial features that defined Impressionist music were tone color, atmosphere, and flow. From 1890 to 1920, artists like Debussy were prolific in this style, which was characterized by short, lyrical compositions.


Postmodernism is a term that has been used in many different ways over the years. Some of these include the following:
– The rejection of modernist ideas and ideals, such as progress, rationality, certainty, and science.
– A reaction against positivism and realism, which are also called “the great intellectual revolutions” of Western thought.
– The belief that society does not exist outside culture and language.

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